August 11, 2016 by gimmemar


I am a product of this generation who loves nostalgia, and is open to sharing thoughts and general notions about life. With the expansion of social media, people have openly expressed a desire, a craving at that, for more info, more product, more friends, more of more at a faster pace. We juggle all these platforms and subscribe to excessive information daily – the constant intake can be as positive as it is negative. There has never been such a connected and informed generation yet the constant intake can make one feeling crazy, anxious and indecisive; the FOMO (fear of missing out) epidemic.

We (y gens) always want moreMore items! More money! More music! More love! More views! On top of that, make it so fast that I get drunk on delusion and forget the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed in IRL (In real life). It’s a microwave culture. We want fame, we want sex, we want perfection, we want it BAD, but we don’t always get the real life part. Because we are multitalented and narcissistic, we can also be indecisive, making it hard to focus on the important things.

Why? Distracted and deceived, our generation slides away from simple day-to-day things enrapt by social media, the internet, visuals, music and fame flashed in our faces every fucking day. It’s hard to stay sane with all that noise. We are speedy, greedy, needy; hard to get – but never forget…. Gimme gimme never gets, unless you get up and (as Britney once said) work for it, bitch.

That’s kind of what Gimmemar means. If that makes any sense.

Please enjoy my plateau for self-expression, a virtual oasis created in early 2009 for me, by me. A quirky name applying “gimme” to the first 3 letters of my name expanded into a full multimedia profile of the Y-Generation. 

xo, Gimmemar



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